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day7 019.jpg
ULM volunteers in the early stages of bringing relief in front of Tiger Mart in Biloxi120 views
ULM Relief volunteers wash the dishes after a busy meal230 views
day9 008.jpg
ULM Relief volunteers prepare to serve lunch124 views
ULM Relief volunteers prepare breakfast250 views
ULM Relief volunteers make a plan331 views
ULM Relief volunteers hand out lunch in Biloxi, Mississippi305 views
day2 009.jpg
ULM Relief Mascot Katrina takes a much needed nap.213 views
day2 003.jpg
ULM Releif volunteers load up a truck with ice -- a necessity when there is no electricity150 views
day11 061.jpg
Supplies are kept dry under the tent155 views
Praise and Worship in Biloxi, Mississippi285 views
day11 057.jpg
Part of the Division Street POD136 views
A local church group drops off lunch in front of the Tiger Mart POD.143 views
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