Daisy Guyton Construction update!

Dates 2/29/06 - 3/01/06

Finished framing some closets. Finished greenboarding bathroom. Finished drywalling a bedroom and started taping the seams. Started building kitchen island. Started drywalling main wall. Finished dry walling the living room, family room, main bedroom, hall closet and started the dining room.

The hole through the floor in the 1/2 bathroom, has been repaired and the hot water heater has been put in its place. The removable plywood panel above electric panel has been installed and all left over materials from previous crew were back to the tool shed.

drywalling main rooms and 2 bedrooms. hot water tank Mudding and putting up dry wall. Finish the last bedroom, laundry room, and dinning room, and mud and sand all rooms. Install hot water heater, and install side door.

none listed

Daisy Guyton (Sponsored)

Home of - Daisy Guyton


Daisy's home is nearly complete!

Daisy Guyton
334 Fayard
Biloxi, Mississippi

Daisy is an amazing 73 year old woman! She has spirit and courage. She moved into this home 41 years ago, when her youngest son was 18 months old. Her husband died 30 years ago of a massive heart attack and she was left to raise five children on her own. She worked as a social worker and than with Keesler Airforce Base for 24 years. She currently lives in FEMA trailer next to home with her oldest son Thomas Jr, who is a recent amputee as of June due to diabetes. Katrina has devastated Daisy who still breaks down crying but is a determined woman stating that with her faith in the Lord she won't let Katrina beat her. She put Christmas decorations on the handicap ramp ULM put up for her son's access to the trailer.

Here is a list of things that need to be done:
  • Check roofing in one area where tree hit as of January 16, 2006
  • Needs some new windows (would like smaller side windows)
  • Fix sagging beam in ceiling as of January 16, 2006
  • Total interior work
  • Dry wall
  • Check electrical/fixtures as of January 26, 2006 replaced all wiring
  • Plumbing fixtures as of January 26, 2006 replaced all plumbing
  • Kitchen appliances/cabinetry
  • Flooring as of January 26, 2006 replaced all flooring
  • HVAC as of January 26, 2006 installed all new HVAC
  • Furniture

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After Pictures:


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