Thanksgiving Day in Biloxi

Nov. 25 Biloxi, MS Thanksgiving in Biloxi was a wonderful day. The
sun was shining and the temperature a balmy 74 degrees. There was a great
spirit about the BIloxi VFW Post as people came together to give thanks to
God for a host of different reasons. The residents were greatful their
lives were spared; their family is back together and they have a chance
for a fresh start.

ULM joined together with the Biloxi VFW to host over 2200 people for
Thanksgiving. The menu was deep fried turkey, ribs, pork tenderloins, and
all the fixens, including Ms. Ruth's apple cobbler. Hundreds of people
gathered under the red, white and blue tent for a meal, a time with God
and football games (well it is Thanksgiving).

There were a host of volunteers provided by Morningstar Ministries (Rev.
Rick Joyner). Theye were serving the guests and continued to clean out
houses as the people are still living in an unhealthy envionment. After
everyone left it was business as usual - the temperaure dropped to 40
degrees, campfires were built and sleeping bags were zipped up as we
prepared for sleep. For the next day would bring more labor of love for
the citizens of Biloxi.

We are trying to get 50 houses remodled by Christmas, so people can get
out of their tents back in their homes. Pray for the ULM Team as we are
not giving up on our fellow Americans. They need us now more than ever as
the cold sets in we are settling in with it.

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