Persevering Through Gustav

11:45 AM Monday
Windy and Rainy! Concerned but not panicky!
Well the water from the beach has come up to and covered the Highway 90 West bound lanes. If you remember from our relief site, Highway 90 is between the Gulf of Mexico and the back of our site, our Big White Supply Tent is about 800 feet from Highway 90. We’ve been under tornado warnings and watches all morning, with several tornadoes being spotted touching down. Flash flood watches have also been issued, and we can see a current storm surge of about 6 feet where we are taking shelter. The power went off for about 2 hours this morning, and is currently back on. Way to go Power Workers!!!

As of 10PM last night, a city wide curfew has been issued and remains in effect. The radar shows the tail end of the hurricane is approaching, so hopefully we should be out of this in a few hours. We will then wait for the water to recede from the roads so we can get over to the site and assess the damage.

The City of Biloxi has issued the following street closings due to the water surge:
Street closings in Biloxi due to flooding:
---U.S. 90
---First Street, north of Grand Casino.
---Howard Avenue at Pine
---South River Drive
---Brodie Road
---Destiny Plantation to the bridge
---End of Hickman River
--Back Bay Boulevard, east of Boomtown Casino to Oak Street.
---Cedar Lake Road, north of I-10.

Mid-Way Through Hurricane Gustav

8:00 AM Monday Good morning! ULM Relief made it through the night and we are about midway through Hurricane Gustav. Currently we are experiencing a storm surge of about 4 feet with 35 MPH winds and gusts a bit over 50 MPH. More rain is expected today, so the storm surge will probably get higher. There are some feeder bands behind the hurricane that will dump more rain and wind, so we’re not out of the woods yet.

We have ongoing tornado warnings, and one tornado was observed by a Police Officer when it touched down on HWY 49 in Gulfport, MS, it apparently did not do any substantial damage when it landed. There are no major power outages yet, but we have had some flickers. Currently we are under a hurricane warning, and as soon as it changes to a hurricane watch we’ll be permitted better access around Biloxi to assess the damage.

The streets appear clear and there are no vehicles present with the exception of a few Emergency and First Response Vehicles. It would appear that most people took the warnings seriously and have either evacuated or are staying put inside their homes.

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