Volunteers in Biloxi

Another group of volunteers just pulled out to head back to upstate New York. They are young and old alike with a big heart and a passion for people. There is usually a lot of emotion when the groups leave. They hug, cry, take last minute pictures and stare. Some just stare at you as if they wish they could stay, but know deep inside they can’t. the obligations in another state prohibit a long-term effort The stare and tears are also a sense of accomplishment. They have come, worked, served, given ad infinitum. A fulfillment has occurred, maybe for the first time in their lives, a sense of having done something so wonderful, for people who could never give anything in return.

Could you imagine living a life where there is never a sense of fulfillment? Where years go by and it’s just the same old same old? The ULM Relief BOO (Base of Operations) is a place to “move with compassion” just as Jesus did when He walked through worn torn villages and touched despondent and hopeless souls. Here in Biloxi Mississippi lies ‘true’ ministry . This is not to say that other ministries are not viable and true, it’s that as you move among the people of Biloxi, there is an awe inspiring feeling of eternal value. It’s as if you have made a difference for all eternity. That the smallest act of kindness, compassion, and servitude will count in the life of that person forever. It means so much to the recipient that it will forever change their view on life and God.

A new group will arrive on Monday and they will be antsy and anxious and ready to rebuild the entire Gulf Coast in one week. Yet, I know that by the end of the week they will stand and stare and reflect on a week of service, that has not only changed the lives of the folks in Mississippi, but their life will be forever changed as well. A last and lasting picture will be taken and along drive back to where they came from will prompt conversations like the Disciples must have had. Wow! What a week of ministry!