Changes in Biloxi

It has been almost 21 months since Hurricane Katrina impacted the Gulf Coast with the greatest devastation ever to hit America from a hurricane. As time has gone by the means by which we are helping people in Biloxi has had to change. The days of tractor trailers full of supplies waiting in line to be unloaded are gone, but the people that continue to need those supplies are still here hoping their turn for aid will come next. We need a new approach to continue to help people rebuild their homes and lives in Biloxi.

Volunteers are still coming down to help but in smaller numbers than they once were. We need the help of people from all over to continue to put people back in their houses. Skilled volunteers are desperately needed to complete the homes we have under construction.

At ULM Relief in Biloxi there have been many changes made to our accommodations . We can now house over 150 people in facilities with wood floors, bunks and electric. We have a great kitchen and dining room that can comfortably feed everyone. We provide wireless Internet, cable TV, a copy machine and office computer for volunteers to stay in touch with their work, friends and family back home as well as laundry facilities. We can also boast about an unparalleled view of the Gulf with a private walkway down to the beach.

We have also streamlined our construction process utilizing over 10,000 Sq feet of on site warehouse space along with our fleet of vans, pick up trucks and flatbed delivery vehicles to keep our work crews supplied with the materials they need to keep construction progress moving efficiently.

The costs to stay with us here in Biloxi are only $10.00 per person per day. The satisfaction of seeing the faces of the people you'll come to help are priceless. Let's not ask the folks down here to wait any longer, contact us today and arrange your trip down to Biloxi.