New Challenges in Biloxi

It has been almost three years to the day since Hurricane Katrina crashed into the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Louisiana. All those that have been involved with the relief and recovery effort have been tested and endured, we have rebuilt and restored the homes and lives of thousands of individuals.

Now we look out to the Gulf and wonder the same pressing thought, is Gustav, Fay or some yet un-named Storm going to hit us while we are still recovering from Katrina? Gustav is heading out into the Gulf and expected to turn into a strong hurricane. Louisiana and Mississippi are getting ready for the impact and ULM Relief is going to be standing with them.

We are also preparing for the worst that Gustav can bring while at the same time thankful that we are in a position to provide relief to the people as soon as they need it, not days, weeks, months or even years later.

For those of you that have spent time with us, worked side by side restoring hope and rebuilding the lives deeply affected by Hurricane Katrina please keep us in mind when you watch the reports of Gustav over the next several days. We all may need to stand side by side once more and bring hope and relief to the people that will need it.

Volunteers can change lives, their own and those of the many people they help. It is beginning to look like we will all have the honor to help once again.