Awaiting the Impact of Hurricane Gustav

Greetings ULM Relief friends & partners. Mark Jones and I (Traci Frees) are still going strong in Biloxi recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Now in the face of another natural disaster, we will be bringing you periodic updates of what’s going on at ULM Relief in Biloxi, MS throughout Hurricane Gustav and let you know what relief efforts will be needed after the storm. Everyone is being extremely proactive since Katrina, so you’re probably bombarded with reports of the Gulf Coast through all media sources!

I drove from North Alabama to Mississippi this morning and found there to be traffic congestion on I-65N from Montgomery to Mobile. There are also numerous evacuees on I-10 East from Biloxi to Mobile, so at some points both lanes were stopped, and at most points both lanes were slowed. All rest areas were full of cars from the ramps to the main rest houses. Currently I-65 south and I-10 west are mostly clear. Driving down to Mississippi I had an ominous feeling that I might be going the wrong way

11:45 AM
Partly cloudy, no winds. We at ULM Relief have been preparing for the hurricane this week with the help of friends from Florida, Biloxi, and Keesler Air Force Base. The kitchen and supply tents were dropped and secured to prepare for 50-70mph winds. Vehicles have been moved to higher ground in anticipation of 6-12 feet storm surge predictions. Mark and I are here in Biloxi and will be personally monitoring the condition of the site and Biloxi area. We are poised to take further action when needed and will be keeping y’all posted of what we and the good people of Biloxi are weathering and what plan we will take to recover from any damage.

We will continue to post updates based on our first-hand observations of Hurricane Gutsav in Biloxi.