Weathering Gustav

5:45 PM
It begins.
The rain and wind have arrived. It quickly got dark and the clouds became grey and ominous!!! Here we go. Winds are from the east at 18 MPH gusting to 36 MPH. Currently, there is no visible evidence of the storm surge from Gustav.

Following is some information on what is happening in the area as preparation for Gustav: No curfew set for Biloxi, but in New Orleans the curfew is set for 10PM. In preparation for this storm, boat owners have moved their shrimp boats into the Biloxi Back Bay this weekend. Some boats are still docked in the marina at the beach in front of the ULM Relief site. The casinos closed this morning at 7AM. This storm shelters for Biloxi, which are area schools, open at 6PM tonight. Many of you might remember eating lunch at the Salvation Army on Division Street. They’ve left up the dome tent.

At noon today, the local city bus service stopped in order to transport residents to the shelters. At 3PM residents living in FEMA and MEMA trailers in Zone A (east Biloxi) and Zone B (Coastal Biloxi) were evacuated. So the residents that lived around the site at 453 Howard Ave who were living in FEMA/MEMA trailers have all left.