Press Release November 20 2005

Press Release
Biloxi, MS, Monday, November 13, 2005: Pastor leaves New York City with 9/11 experience to aid Katrina survivors. On September 5, Pastor Carl Keyes arrived in Biloxi, Mississippi, and was surprised that the disaster agencies you would expect to see after a major disaster were glaringly absent in a large American city.

More than two months after Hurricane Katrina, they are still recovering bodies. Families are living in moldy, filth-infested homes, and the lucky ones are living in tents. According to FEMA representatives, it will take at least 3 more months to provide temporary living trailers. In the wake of this unprecedented disaster, ULM disaster relief (ULM) today announces its long term rebuilding program for Biloxi, Mississippi. “We have come as fellow Americans to join with the citizens of Biloxi and the Biloxi City leaders, and we can not leave until their homes are rebuilt and their lives brought back to some sort of normalcy,” said Pastor Carl Keyes.

ULM has been in Mississippi since September 5, distributing more than 901 truckloads of goods valued at over $22,525,000. ULM volunteers have donated more than 130,000 hours removing debris from homes, beginning partial repairs on homes, cooking and feeding for the people and distributing goods.
Typically, this late into a disaster, organizations would no longer be providing hot meals and distributing goods. With literally hundreds of people still living in an unsanitary environment without electricity, Biloxi Councilman Stallworth and Councilman Lawrence have asked ULM to continue providing these vital services.

ULM’s rebuild program will focus on the elderly, at risk, uninsured and severely underinsured. Already, insurance companies are denying coverage leaving people with limited resources to rebuild their homes.

ULM is a disaster-relief agency comprised of volunteers from various churches and organizations from across the United States and Canada. Carl Keyes, ULM Director, was recognized by the US Senate for ULM’s massive relief efforts after 9/11. Pastor Keyes brings his extensive experience in disaster relief to Biloxi.

Donations for ULM’s massive relief efforts may now be made online at, or checks can be sent to PO Box 8179, Biloxi, MS 39531