Living the dream

January 29, 2006
Biloxi, MS

The question has come up more and more lately. Time and again as I travel the country and land back in NYC or on the Gulf Coast I am asked, what are you still doing in Mississippi? There are a lot of answers for that particular question, but in the back of my mind I want to say where else would I be? I remember sitting at home after the hurricane hit. It moved me to action. I was thinking, “How dare I sit here while others are suffering? God if you want me to go, have someone call.” I’m sure you can guess the rest of it. Well, that’s how I got here.

What am I still doing in Mississippi? Finishing what we started. Restoring hope and rebuilding lives for starters. ULM is a small band of dedicated workers who are sacrificing their time and resources to preach the Gospel through acts of compassion. If you ask me, it’s simple – We’re livin’ the dream!!! This is real and vital ministry. It’s the type of living where you may actually be saving someone’s life. We are serving people who can never give anything in return. We are not only remodeling their homes, but connecting them with churches and families across the country. These relationships are becoming stronger by the day. We have the opportunity to see how each of us can use our position in life to influence others, ultimately for God’s glory.

When I think of all the time wasted watching television or entering into conversations with no redemptive value and all the time talking about what others are doing, I now realize how ineffective that can be. There is nothing like the ground for your bed, working until every part of your body aches, eating meals in the draftiest tent in three states, but most of all looking into the eyes of some of the neediest people in America and seeing what should have been there all along…hope. Our hearts say thank you to the thousands of volunteers who have come to share the burden of the residents of Mississippi, our fellow Americans and to all those who have given of their resources to aid those in need.

What am I still doing in Mississippi – livin’ the dream!!!!!!!!!!!